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Mota Trading Helps Small Businesses Importing Clothes From China

Mota trading provides professional services on clothing orders. We provide style recommendations, free design, fast sample making, and sending for verification to our clients with their brands.
We support small quantities wholesale. There are various types of clothes and fabrics
available such as knitting, woven, linen, chiffon, silk, wool, and embroidery.
Our company mostly works with premium clothing production factories because they have enough resources for making samples by images.

Now Import Clothes From China Easily

Not satisfied with the current corporate clothing manufacturer?
● Repeat order production is slow and delayed?
● Facing problems with clothing material sourcing?
● Have an original design and you wanted to start with a low quantity
● Have sample-producing barriers such as quality and delivery time?
Mota Trading Helps Small Businesses Importing Jewellery & Accessories From China
Mota trading is located in Yiwu city and has brought you a chance to import jewellery from
China with the latest and premium style. We have helped more than 100 various scales of
jewellery and fashion accessory items that customers source from China.
We supply popular fashionable styles with famous designs in a small quantity of 12 pcs per
style in stock. For specific styles, we required some images or original jewellery to make a
Mota trading will provide you with a quick quotation within 48 hours, we are into DIY
jewellery and fashion accessories as it is our main export business.

Now Import Jewellery From China Easily

● Facing production barriers on original styles?
● Finding it difficult to get the latest model fast?
● Having quality issues like lead-free or nickel free?
● Finding it difficult to get a multi-jewellery style in stock?
● Slow jewellery style updates from the supplier?
Mota Trading Helps Small Businesses Importing Toys From China
Are you importing toys from China? Mota trading provides you with a perfect solution for
sourcing your business.
We are aware of the toy exporting standards, tests, and certificates from different countries.
Our company works with reputational factories and suppliers for different toy designs to the
Over the year 1/5 of our annual amount of export comes from toys. Contact us today to get
a free catalogue and free samples within 48 hours.

Now Import Toys From China Easily

Not satisfied with the toy wholesale prices?
● Not familiar with the local toy importation regulations & test requirements?
● Need premium toy factory resources?
● Want to get quick samples and feedback?
● Working on mix style toys and in need of reliable partners to help to source for these
Mota Trading Helps Small Businesses Importing Electronics From China
Contact Mota trading for the latest electronics and mobile items, we work with reputable
suppliers and factories to give our clients a leading edge in the electronics industry
Our company works with innovators, creative and trusted suppliers, and factories which have
strict international quality control.
We promise you to give quick delivery of both samples and orders from China.

Now Import Electronics From China Easily

Eager to find more professional electronic factories in some fields?
● In need of a fast product update from a trading company?
● Is quality inspection an issue and in need of third-party quality control?
● Disadvantaged by any shipment barrier of electronic products, such as customs
● Unsatisfied with the current after-sales service?
Mota Trading Helps Small Businesses Importing Kitchenware From China
Mota trading is one of the most outsourcing partners when it comes to kitchenware for
household to industrial purposes.
We are experts in sourcing, sampling, quality checking, and shipment coordination is
inexplicable and trusted.
We have different types of kitchenware like blenders, immersion mixers, asparagus tools,
basters, utensils, kitchen appliances, and many more.
With our best business associations from the country’s best suppliers, exporters, and
manufacturers dealing in a large variety of products, we bring you the best choices with the
range of products for the best kitchens.

Now Import Kitchenware From China Easily

Are you in search of an outsourcing partner providing inexplicable professional
● Are you worried about the fragile handling and shipping of your kitchenware imports?
● Does your current experience make you hesitant to try outsourcing?
● Did you face quality control issues when using other services?
● Shocked by experiencing issues with customs clearance?