Product Sourcing

Sourcing for a product from China is not a matter of researching or dealing with passive clients. You need a product sourcing plan to make your overseas business operate safely and smoothly.

Mota Trading makes a detailed sourcing plan depending on all dynamic conditions in the market. These may include the current market situations or the difficulty in finding the order.You will get a quote within 48 hours, depending on whether it’s a business day or a holiday.

Factory Audits

Auditing Chinese companies is a major task for most importers, even an ISO 9000 certificate is not enough but there are other additional factors to do considering deals with your potential suppliers, it is an involving task that takes a lot of time and effort for foreigners.
This process involves many aspects such as the TRUE situation of the suppliers, communication, cooperation, productivity, etc.

Price Negotiation

Negotiation in price with a sales representative who knows to speak good English will not guarantee better deals/pricing.
Always aim to contact the right person in a factory, whether they speak English or Chinese they will be the right person who will offer the correct price from the market.
In other words You have to talk to the powerful person in the factory such as HOD (head of the department) or the owner, if they aren’t aware of English then that person is the key who determines the real price of the product. With this approach, it will be easy to fix your product sourcing problem. Mota trading is having years of experience in negotiating with the core person in the factory.
Our team will negotiate the deal based on the customer’s requirement, unlike most of the factories that strive to favor their business.

Manage Production

OEM clients develop or source for products from different factories but some end up opting to do so by sourcing the products by themselves, on the other side there are some who have set their overseas businesses. From our experience, this is not a wise decision.
As a foreigner there are high chances that you may pay more for the product, besides wasting your valuable time.
Whenever a problem arises the contract which you signed may not help you to solve the protection from your business, that’s why you need a professional to source your product, who has the knowledge of importing products from China.
Mota trading will assist you in every aspect of your process, will be there during the production process or protecting your oversea business.

Manage Production Quality Control

From our point of view, quality is an integral part of the process of product sourcing. Why do we say so?
Finding a supplier is the 1st step, as inspection, and paying for samples then factories or suppliers begin the bulk production.
During the bulk production process, quality inspection and control are the main key aspects when monitoring is done closely.
Standard or low-quality products will make your potential customers lose. This will happen because the customer’s money and time value which they put into the product will not be able to get that satisfaction.
But in Mota trading, the quality inspection team will visit the factory during production.
Customers will get the live update through photos, recordings, and another possible way.
By this, the possible mistakes or delays that occur during production will be eliminated.

Quality Inspection & Re-packaging

Our quality inspection includes colour, dimensions, quantity, etc. by this we will help to minimize the defective rate and ensure profits for our client’s businesses.
Mota trading offers re-packaging services, whereas some suppliers use low-quality cartons.
Not every forwarder is keen to assess the condition of the box packaging. Whenever a package arrives in our warehouse whether it is worn out or in a bad state, we do re-packaging.
We will replace the product boxes to ensure that the delivery is done in good condition. Our team will upgrade the packaging according to the customer’s requirements.

This also includes the support of Amazon sellers. We customize these packaging with Amazon labels.

Preparing Custom Documents

At the time of customs clearance, tax duty or HS code may cause delays. This is one of the most complex processes for a foreign company and business owners.
But working with Mota Trading implies that our team of professionals will handle all the paperwork on your behalf, and we ensure that all your goods will be cleared on time.